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How The Delaware Valley Poets Began . . .

The Delaware Valley Poets (DVP) began in Trenton in 1952 from a nucleus of three poets and is still active. The organization offers a monthly workshop on the first Tuesday of every month at the Lawrenceville branch of the Mercer County Public Library at Route 1 and Darrah Lane. Workshops are open to the public, and writers on all levels.

*In Trenton, New Jersey in 1952, a few poets met informally in each other's living rooms. Over time the group increased in size, changed its geographical center to Princeton where the University gave it a home in the library. In 1970 the members voted to become part of the New Jersey Poetry Society as the Delaware Valley Poets Chapter. Both these associations were fruitful for DVP, with the library lending its poetry collection and prestigious reputation to the group, while NJPS provided an impetus to sharpen skills.

Group dynamics being what they are, DVP expanded beyond both associations, as it had the living rooms of members three decades before, and became the autonomous organization it is today with a membership drawn from across New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Membership is open to people who share a love for and dedication to poetry, and a commitment to expanding their appreciation for the craft.

DVP, as a group, has five collections of poetry to its credit: Footpath, Stones and Poets, A Hard Turn, A Different Latitude, and their current anthology, Thatchwork. The poets represented in these collections come from a wide base of talent including past and present members and also other poets who have shared their talent in public readings sponsored by DVP. They included a Pulitzer Prize winner, National Endowment for the Arts recipients, Guggenheim Fellows, a Ginsberg Award winner, and recipients of other awards too numerous to list. The editors aimed to publish not just famous poets, but great poetry, thus work was gathered from those who publish a lot or a little, or even from those who have never published before.

Members of DVP are available to visit schools and organizations in the community to promote poetry. Please contact us with any questions or special requests.

*Much of this text was excerpted from Patricia Celley Groth's introduction to DVP's third anthology, A Hard Turn with appropriate updates.

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